Men’s Moissanite Wedding Rings To Beat Other Gifts Any Day

November 12th, 2014

Men’s Moissanite Wedding Rings To Beat Other Gifts Any Day
Whoever said diamonds are womens best friends, surely missed on mentioning men! Believe it or not, men too go bonkers over these sparks. When it comes to the glitters, man or woman, theres no exception! So if your mans crazy about the ember, mens moissanite wedding rings would just be a perfect wedding gift for him. Mens moissanite wedding rings make an apt choice.

Moissanite mens rings are an outstanding blend of charisma and persona. Beautifully crafted into numerous shapes and sizes, tempt your man with the attractiveness of a diamond and the gleam of heavenly stars.

Looking for a way to express your beyond words feelings for him? Moissanite mens rings do it best. Let the cosmic cupid kindle the fire.

Moissanite Mens Rings, For The Love Of Your Life

A wedding is an occasion that comes but once in a lifetime C make it memorable, let moissanite mens rings be your means to celebration.

To make your wedding day the most special occasion to remember forever, priceless mens moissanite wedding rings work their magic. Show him like never before what he means to you. Mesmerize him with the warm glow of your love – gift moissanite.

With their alluring shimmer and magnetic appeal these stand out among diamonds. You no more need to fret about being able to afford a diamond. Moissanite jewels are better substitutes to diamonds than any other semiprecious jewels. They shine brighter, look prettier an easy to wear. Classy, inexpensive and absolutely worthy of their poise.

Mens moissanite wedding rings – undoubtedly a gem for the gem in your life!

Men’s Gold Wedding Rings

November 10th, 2014

Men’s Gold Wedding Rings
Gold wedding rings are the most traditional rings available. When men’s wedding rings first became popular during the Second World War, gold was the metal of choice. Over the years, other metals have been introduced into the market. Nevertheless, gold has continued to have a strong presence as the preferred metal for wedding bands.

Pure gold is too weak to be used for jewelry purposes, so it is always alloyed with at least one additional metal to ensure strength and durability. Pure gold would be 24 karats, but most man gold wedding rings will either be 14 karats or 18 karats. When a ring is marked as being 14 karats, that means that it is approximately 58.3 percent gold, whereas an 18 karat ring is 75 percent pure gold. Obviously, an 18 karat gold ring would be more susceptible to wear and tear, as it is more gold, and thus weaker than 14 karat gold.

Some man gold wedding ring purchasers may prefer a more silver tone to their ring. For them, white gold is the answer. White gold is simply yellow gold that has been treated to look white (or silver).

In order to make the yellow gold appear white, elements such as nickel, palladium, or silver are added. While nickel itself can give a good white gold appearance, it is often allergenic and can cause skin problems to anyone who is sensitive to nickel. Gold that is alloyed with palladium and silver will not usually cause allergies, and most 18 karat gold is alloyed only with these two metals.

One problem with white gold is that, since it has the same properties as yellow gold, it will begin to look more yellow over time. In fact, many white gold rings have to be re-plated after several years in order to restore it to its original color.

Despite the fact that yellow and white gold does not have the durability has other metals, it is still a popular choice for man wedding ring buyers.

Memoirs of a Wedding Singer

November 6th, 2014

Memoirs of a Wedding Singer
As I reflect upon my life –the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, (does that mean I’m getting old?), I look upon my experiences with the band with fondness and know that those memories will stay with me forever.

Music is in my blood. Every fiber of my being somehow has music attached to it. I think it’s a DNA thing. Both parents are musicians and teachers, both grandmothers were entertainers, my Nana a piano player back in the days of silent films and my Grammy a Broadway dancer. Seems to me that I wasn’t left with much of a choice in the matter!

When I was 30, (okay, now I’m dating myself), I joined what’s referred to as a GB (General Business) band. Our primary function was weddings. That’s how it started. For the first year we did weddings that were booked prior to my joining. Lucky for us these folks didn’t choose another band when they discovered that the singer they thought would be there was in fact going to be me. The singer they’d booked from the video tape had left and I was taking her place.

The weddings were fun. I loved singing the bride and groom’s special songs and somehow added to their day. I liked being the emcee. I enjoyed having to be upbeat and “on” even on those days when I felt “off”. It was good therapy! Oh, and let’s not forget the singing part. Yes, that’s my heart and to me one of the best forms of self expression going.

As I think back, I suppose I liked the attention, too. I didn’t want too much, but when someone came up to me on my break and said how wonderful the music was, it felt good.

The band and I had excellent chemistry. Chemistry is there or it isn’t — you can’t force it just as with any relationship. I think I laughed more on my gigs than at any other time. We’d joke on stage or the keyboard player would make “funny” sounds with his keys while I was in the middle of a song, TRYING to make me laugh and sometimes succeeding. Imagine singing “Crazy” while “burp” sounds are going off in the background! Boy, did I have to bite my tongue a lot! Sometimes, it didn’t work and I actually lost it during a song. Oh, when that happened the entire band was in stitches and all I could do was muster up the self control needed to keep going, hoping that the folks dancing didn’t notice. Sometimes, they did, and they laughed at us having such a good time! But, don’t let that give you the wrong impression. We were definitely professional. A little laughter didn’t take that away.

Whenever a wedding ended, I got a great feeling when the bride and groom thanked us for doing a great job. What a feeling of satisfaction that was! Even with aching feet, a tired body and a worn voice, I was uplifted by their comments.

Making a Budget For Your Wedding

November 3rd, 2014

Making a Budget For Your Wedding
Just the thought of all the expenses that come with a wedding, can really put a damper on the most important day of your life, especially when you need to work within a financial frame of X dollars. To avoid the stress of facing too many decisions all at once, try making a budget for your wedding.

Start out with an idea of what you have to spend. Keep in mind that you will have other expenses starting out on a new life together, and come to a mutual agreement of what kind of wedding to have. Then list the elements that your wedding will include, and decide that if it comes to a crunch, what items will take precedence over others.

Things to consider when making a budget for your wedding, may include but are not limited to: Honorarium for church, or fee for other location of the ceremony Fees for reception hall Bridal dress Groom’s tuxedo Flowers Wedding cake Catering Invitations Thank You notes Postage Photographer Gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen Number of guests

Remember that while tradition used to hold that a bride’s parents sponsored the reception, and the groom’s parents the rehearsal dinner, many couples now choose to pay the majority of expenses themselves.

Settling on a ballpark number of guests will help you determine what size hall is needed for the reception, and how many there will be for the dinner. You can cut costs on a formal wedding by renting the groom a morning suit instead of buying one. Flowers for the church and reception can be rented silk arrangements that will also save you money.

Your wedding should be special, and everything you dreamed of. Making a budget will help you achieve that dream, while eliminating the stress of worrying over costs.

Make Your Wedding Rings Unique

November 1st, 2014

Make Your Wedding Rings Unique
Youre in the market for your wedding rings. You’ve put alot of thought into them, and you don’t want the plain bands everyone else is wearing. You want something different, more unique. Heres some ideas to toss around.

You can have custom bands done by a jeweler. You could pick a theme thats important to both of you. Or you could just choose a style and design you both like. When you choose your jeweler make certain he is creating a one of a kind set for you and then disposing of the mold. Otherwise, your unique bands wont be unique for long. Choose a design and style that fits your likes and lifestyle. It will give a hint of your personality and make your fashion statement!

You can choose a different mix of metals. Titanium has become very popular, as has stainless. You might find something a little different in these metals. They wont be truly unique, but they wont be common either. You can also choose from white gold, platinum, gold, sterling, and a host of mixes.

Celtic bands have become very popular, offering a host of various celtic knots. Dragon bands have also gained popularity. There are some very unique and unusual Celtic Bands on the market. They are works of art with plenty of history tied to the designs.

Engraving on the bands has become very popular. In the past one might engrave something on the inside of the band, but these days inscriptions are being engraved on the exterior as well. Today bands are being engraved, on the inside, outside, center, where ever you wish. Engraving has become an art form onto itself.

Wanting to engrave them, but dont want them to say the same old thing you always see like your wedding date, or I love you. Then come up with your original saying or inscription. Something that is important to you.

Here are a few more unusual inscriptions you might want to consider. Amor VIncit Omia [latin C love conquers all], Now & Forever, From This Moment On, Mon Coeur est a vous [French C my heart is yours],

If your looking for something funnier try C Nonrefundable, All sales final, Or I cant return him/her I lost the manual. Something simpler, try your wedding date with your initials, how about the title of your wedding song, or the title of your favorite song, My best friend, Love is Eternal. Symbols work nicely also.

Some of the more common engravings are – all my love, my love forever, with all my heart, the date of your wedding with your names, just your names, or just the date.

Uniqueness is dependant on you as a couple. By this time in your relationship you know what is special to both of you, so choose a theme and go with it!

Make Your Own Wedding Favor Ideas

October 28th, 2014

Make Your Own Wedding Favor Ideas
Ready made wedding favors are great time saving options. But, they can be made even more interesting to your guests if you will personalize them a little bit. Personalization can be done by either putting the individual name of your guest in each and/or leaving your imprints in each item. In this manner, you can turn a rather ordinary item into a remarkable keepsake or experience: able to proudly say that you truly “make your own wedding favor”.

Here are three wedding favor suggestions which may absolutely trigger your bulb to light:

Recipe cards, stickers or magnets

Edible items are practical and thus, they are popular wedding ideas. Why not share your favorite recipe, or better, your family or grandmother’s recipe with your guests? If you have a special main dish served in your reception, you may choose this recipe. Laminate and make this recipe into a card, sticker or magnet, and attach it to your edible favor. It will be a terrific idea for guests who love to cook and try out the sampler at your reception. She or he will remember your wedding every time such meal is tried out at home.

Fortune Plants

Fortune plants are also known as good luck plants. Everyone would like to be lucky in life, whether one believes in luck or not. Weddings connote good luck for the newly weds. Everyone who comes would like to wish them well and the couple would really be thankful for the good wishes. Thus, the newlyweds say “thank you” in a very special way thru the wedding favor. Buy miniature good luck plants. Notice that they are colored green which symbolizes the freshness of life for the couple. Attach a note which says “Thank you for sharing these special moments with us and for this, we wish you also good luck.”

Sea shells

If you are having a beach reception after the wedding, a slightly big but beautiful sea shells with your nuptial details hand painted in them and thank you note attached to each will be most appropriate. Put the item in a transparent tiny box and tie a ribbon around it, preferably adopting your theme color, of course. With your personal message card, you now have a beach wedding favor ready to go. Small seashells can also be put together in a heart shaped tiny jewelry box or picture frame where you can put your photo as a couple.

Now, more creative ideas may be flowing and oozing . . . whatever that is that you may decide to adopt for your special day, just remember that it is the thought that counts. Yet, whether you like it or not . . . your guests almost always are expecting wedding favors before they leave the table. Give them your best shot and your special day will be remembered well.

Let Your Wedding Flowers Speak the Language of Love

October 6th, 2014

Let Your Wedding Flowers Speak the Language of Love
Congratulations! You have found the man of your dreams and are getting married. What a wonderful time in your life C full of promise, hope, and happiness. Can you think of a better way to express these emotions than through flowers? A wedding would just not be the same without wedding flowers.

The Tradition of Wedding Flowers

Carrying flowers by the bride is not something new; it actually has its roots in ancient times. Strong smelling herbs and spices were used to keep away evil spirits during the wedding celebration. Later, during the Roman era, flowers were used to symbolize fertility. Eventually, flowers were given different meanings and used as a way of sending “love notes” in the form of bouquets. Soon, the tradition of the meaning of each flower trickled down and was adopted for the brides bouquet.

By tradition, the groom wears a flower that appears in the bridal bouquet in his buttonhole. This custom originates from the Medieval tradition of a knight wearing his lady’s colors as a declaration of love.

So it seems that a wedding without flowers is like, well, its like a garden without flowers!

So Many Choices

Have you ever considered how many different kinds of flowers there are? Hundreds of beautiful blooms are available to create the romantic elegance your wedding deserves. You may even feel like author Phoebe Cary, who said, “I know not which I love the most, Nor which the comeliest shows, The timid, bashful violet Or the royal-hearted rose: The pansy in purple dress, The pink with cheek of red, Or the faint, fair heliotrope, who hangs, Like a bashful maid her head.” So, how do you choose?

One way is to consider the different meanings of the flowers and create a bouquet that is not only beautiful to the eye, but also meaningful to the heart. Another way is to consider the time of year. Many flowers are more common during one season than another, so finding off-season flowers may be difficult!

Based on tradition, here are some of the more popular wedding bouquet flowers and what they mean, along with when they are in season:

* Red Rose C Love, All Year

* White Rose – Unity, All Year

* Yellow Rose – Joy, All Year

* Orange Rose – Passion, All Year

* Pink Rose – Secret Love, or Grace & Sweetness, All Year

* Alstroemeria – Devotion, All Year

* Baby’s Breath – Innocence, All Year

* Calla Lily – Magnificent Beauty, March through September

* Carnation – Devoted Love, All Year * Daisy – Innocence & Romance, All Year

* Ivy – Fidelity, Marriage, All Year

* Lily Of The Valley – Happiness, March through September

* Myrtle – Joy , All Year

* Orchid – Love & Beauty, All Year

* Stephanotis – Marital Happiness, All Year

* Tulips – Love & Passion, January through April

* Zinnia – Affection, All Year

Let Them Eat Cake — Just Not at Your Wedding

August 25th, 2014

Let Them Eat Cake — Just Not at Your Wedding
It’s a fact, however odd it seems, that some brides don’t like cake — and don’t want one at their wedding reception. Others like cake just fine, but prefer to serve something a little more distinctive for dessert. On the whole, brides pass up cake at their wedding because they:

don’t like it
want something nontraditional and edgy and are bored by “the norm”
want something that more personally represents them or their geographical area
attended too many catered weddings where no one touches the cake because they’d already had a full meal plus dessert
have a venue that tacks on high cake serving fees
I must admit I’m tempted to stare when someone tells me “they just don’t like cake.” Because, as everyone knows, wedding cake is no longer just cake. Wedding cake has morphed into something that, in the right hands, borders on a religious experience.
Today’s chefs know that a good cake — one light years away from the “packing material” type cake of old — is full of delicious, creamy fat. And not that horrifying vegetable shortening, either. The modern wedding cake is loaded with real butter, moist base material (poppy seed cake, pound cake, carrot cake, banana, chocolate, red velvet and more) and tempting fillings (amaretto, chocolate mousse, tiramisu, raspberry, white chocolate).

The exterior, too, has gotten sleeker and lovelier in response to today’s streamlined bridal fashions. All the former hallmarks of questionable taste — fountains, pillars, mugging couples on a cake topper — are gone. So how can any bride resist?

Many don’t, but a few persevere in wanting something else. Fortunately, weddings these days are about personal choice and individuality — they don’t have to have one. And the alternatives to cake are many.

The secret to a satisfying wedding cake alternative is simple — presentation. Whatever you’re serving, stack it in tiers. Follow this simple tip and you can turn almost anything into food fit for the most special occasion.

Lessons from the Wedding Mafia

July 23rd, 2014

Lessons from the Wedding Mafia
One of my clients shared a story with me from his networking group, a chapter of BNI. Ivan Misner, the creator of BNI talks about what he calls “contact spheres”.

Here’s how it works: A group of related business owners work together to get referrals for each other. Here are some of Misner’s examples of contact spheres:

*Business services: printers, graphic artists, specialty advertising agents and marketing consultants.

*Real estate services: residential and commercial agents, escrow companies, title companies and mortgage brokers.

*Contractors: painters, carpenters, plumbers, landscapers, electricians and interior designers.

*Healthcare: chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and nutritionists.

*Weddings: the caterer, the florist, the photographer and the travel agent.

The story my client told me was about the last group which has been dubbed “The Wedding Mafia”. When one gets new wedding business, the whole group gets new wedding business. It makes it very difficult for anyone else to get referrals. It’s a tremendous business builder. I have a client in real estate who does this very well also. It’s one of the most powerful business building tools ever.

So, my client and I were joking around about me developing a “Small Business Mafia”–a small business consultant, an insurance agent, a financial planner, a printing company, an office supply company, a tax preparer, etc. The more we joked about it, the more powerful an idea I realized it was.

And since I do business both locally and nationally, I could form numerous branches of my Small Business Mafia and then (insert evil laughter) I could CONQUER THE WORLD!!!

Whooooaaaaa! Hold on. The key to success of any referral group like this is finding good people. The business owners you work with have to be people you feel completely comfortable in referring your valued clients to. Otherwise, your name and reputation will get dragged into the ditch. Once you’ve found people you love to refer, be sure they’re very familiar with your business and the types of clients you’re looking for. Give the group as much or as little structure as needed to ensure that referrals are flowing both ways. Then, go out and conquer as much of the world as you want.

Las Vegas Wedding Packages

June 15th, 2014

Las Vegas Wedding Packages
One of the good things about Las Vegas Wedding Packages is that you can find a package to suit just about any budget. There are many wedding planning services in Las Vegas that specialize in creating a package for you no matter what your budget C from the no frills drive-through to the lavish VIP treatment at any of several casinos. Especially if youre not a dig in and do the research yourself type of person or if youve just met the significant other of your dreams and you want to charge right ahead and get married NOW!, a wedding planner with a package deal may just be the right thing for you.

Say for instance you came to Vegas to get married, but before you set things up you hit a big payoff on a slot machine. Well, things have suddenly changed! Instead of that no frills, drive though wedding you were thinking about in the morning, now you have some bucks to splash around and some fun to have but you dont know what to do.

Contact a wedding planner, tell her how much you want to spend and some of the things youd like to have on hand and theyll set the whole thing up for you in a matter of a few hours. If youre alone they can even supply you with a roomful of gushing guests C you know, people you really dont like, who youll probably never see again, wholl tell you how beautiful you look and how happy youre going to be together C just like a real wedding! And for a few bucks more, theyll provide you with guests who just happen to resemble every Hollywood Celebrity who ever lived!

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