Let you understand

January 31st, 2015

Let you understand
What is within the family, what branch! ” The four middle man, dressed in blue, his eyes were teasing glances at Lin Hong, and then waved his100hand: ” lin. ”
” Ha ha, Lin Feng brother, rest assured. ”
Hear the blue youth side of discourse, a figure slightly strapping youth, but also a grin, his two step, direct is standing in front of Lin Hong, his hands shook, a powerful force B , quietly B D ng.
” Xi o, ten round, I let you down.101 ” Lin Qiang glanced at Lin Hong, said mr..
” Bang! ”
Lin Hongmian did not speak, no expression, body force is also burst out, and his body was like a bow, direct is a step, a blow to the forest and strong detonation of the past.
” Tianyuan throughout the mid? Good ah. ”
Feel that since the outbreak of102 Lin Hong in vivo open yuan of B only, the forest is a strong sense of surprise, apparently did not expect in this Xi oxio separation, there was a Xi o generation in this age to Tianyuan throughout the mid.

Originally the mixed

January 31st, 2015

Originally the mixed
Luan half empty, almost became very dang up person, only the ray group, still suspended in the sky, and release the strong luster and powerful force 300of thunder.

“Rob LeiYuan!”

And the house of liu DE home men, are looking at the sky on the race, a see in this scene, a series of HeSheng ring up immediately and, immediately the strong and the shots, shaking hand throw in a series of301 yuan force ropes, to the LeiYuan winding.

Or “shwoosh!”

However, just when the yuan force is wound itself round LeiYuan rope, a knife relentless halberd emerges out of shadow, a slight vibration, is the winding jinshu shatter, and then see big, is in the eyes302 of many annoys, will that LeiYuan delight in the hand.


January 31st, 2015

Between ecstasy, Lin move is in heart a directive, however instructions sent 200out, before the face, after but still is operator without moving.

“What’s the matter?” See this scene, Lin tao to help move startled.

“I’m not saying it, this201descriptor, after no energy burstling.” Turn over the raccoon dog roll, way.

Lin move blinked, and suddenly a feeling that something is wrong, then xi o heart huan wing of a way: “how to give it input energy? Also, if you really want to let it go to with the strong words, to its shape and how much energy is required?”

“Energy of words, direct will 202pure yuan Dan operators will be scored after the body, as for a shape of its comparable with the strong, it should be a attack is need two thousand pieces of pure yuan Dan it, remember, this is just an attack launched the energy needed to launch,

Then we will discuss with the seller

January 30th, 2015

Then we will discuss with the seller
To buy directly down, of course, the price is not low. ” Xuan et smile.
Talking, Xuan yhand touched the desk bell, immediately with a sh NV, with y disc and into, in100 the Y plate, covered with a red S brocade cloth, but even so, forest animals are still feel the extremely rich in J ng pure energy.SH nvxi o watchout will brocade cloth opened, l out of an open y box, y box, a fist big Xi o, mellow like beady red S fruit, lying in them, in the mellow fruit surface, seems to have natural grain, permeate the slightest singular.
It was dark red S fruit appears, the 101whole room, are diffuse opened a waft of fragrance.
” Six spirit y o, demon blood Guo zhu. ”
Looking at the fist Xi o know s fruit, forest to move eyes like s is become rich many, apparently for this thing is very satisfaction.
” Forest dynamic Xi O brother, of102 which a demon blood Zhu fruit prices, has reached sixty thousand Yuan Yang stone, which is unusual for five spirit y o ten times. ” One side of the Xuan et yNY n at the canal.
” Bought. ”

Six spirit y o now

January 30th, 2015

Six spirit y o now
For the forest to move is quite important, so he didn’t love it very expensive price, hired, is a universal bag placed in the Y plate above,100 leave the Y box is away and go.
” Yes, Prime ‘s sister, this time the trouble to help me look, if I have to y N poles and Y o or cold Ling Qi, please inform me. ” Collect the monster blood and fruit, forest dynamic surface smicro coagulation, sedimentation channel.
” To yN poles cold … ”
Upon hearing this, Xuan et to 101blacken the eyebrows with a cluster, these things may be difficult to find, even Wanjin chamber of commerce supply enough, but rarely appear this kind of strange things, but she wants to, or should it down.
Seeing this, forest to move is relieved, just y went away, Xuan is suddenly chuckled: ” forest dynamic Xi O brother know recently day County events have taken place? ”
Hearing this, forest to move one,102 suddenly reminded of a sudden large increase in the city recently the city staff, but some curious.

Lin move look up

January 30th, 2015

Lin move look up
Looked at the eye pupil at the magnification of the yuan force palm rapid bases, and with a face is emerging sneer at: “wishful thinking!”

This time, facing two people’s 300joint attack, Lin move and have not performed any yuan force and j ng divine power, the palm a hold, the whole arm is transformed into bronze, then step and step out, direct a blow in the hard hit two way above $ZhangYin force


Bronze arm detonation, and the take301 up a harsh sound of sonic boom, and then, I heard two way stuffy sound on, the two way yuan ZhangYin force, is a boxing movement by Lin move boom explosion!

“How can!”

Looking at the move unexpectedly 302light with Lin * * is boom they of the yuan of explosive force palm bases, smoke and liu [[two people

After the renewal

January 29th, 2015

After the renewal
Want to, they had to use pure yuan Dan.” Xi o raccoon dog stand booth claws, way.

“An attack, two thousand pieces200 of pure yuan Dan?! He niang of how not to rob!”

In the heart of wrong answers in this moment is finally come, Lin move rise red face, flustered roar a way, one thousand pieces of pure yuan Dan an attack, his mother of, this is not, he now all the furniture and only enough for this operator ten times, after launch attacks?

This complete nonsense thing, who 201consume up!!!!!

“Xi o son, you all of the strong shape when a strike is very weak? Others tried hard repair decades hundreds of years maybe to get to this step, now just let you give two thousand pieces of pure yuan Dan can start the same powerful attack, you still is not202 satisfied with?” Xi o raccoon dog sneer at a way, only the voice, how to listen to all is feeling some pointing fingers.

First time that

January 29th, 2015

First time that
In addition to Yuan Dan, there are so many Xiudan law.
” You let this girl don’t absorb Yang Gang gas, trying to give her n ng some y n evil gas, it is said that this y n Dan setting, there are some special north, but it is not quite clear, some large M n 100pie, maybe have this, but he is most like the pure y n or completely cover … … ” Xi o incurs the lazy way.
Thank you very much. Upon hearing this, erasing is nodded slightly, said thanks.
Xi o strokes waved claws, are flash101, is lost trail, this time it occurs more often and increasingly, for erasing preparedness, is also called weak lot.
” J ng pure y n evil gas, it can not find ah. ” Erasing sigh, will matter in mind, then stepped out of the Xi o school, not far from where the steering with Xiao courtyard.
” Daddy. ”
In the courtyard, erasing is expected 102to meet with Xiao attributable to the stone inside, now smiled and walked past, cried.
” Hyperactive children. ”

Generation were very dissatisfied

January 29th, 2015

Generation were very dissatisfied
With the four frivolous mood, has been exported thundered.
” Oh, the places I want to come, four, go go, don’t say you Xi o guy, even if Lin Zhentian was here, would dare to speak to us! ” One of the four, a faint smile, tract.
” Ha ha, the usual time, you asked us100 to come here, I’m afraid I have disdained to answer. ”
Another person is smiling to say: ” but anyway, you are my Lin clan of a branch, if really can not afford a Martial Arts Coach : Uh, stay in the back, I sent a person to live, teach you one time, lest the future give me the shame. ”
Two words, apparently for forest dynamic age is dare to do martial arts coach was extremely disdain and funny, but their remarks, is j anger Lin this group Xi o generation, after more than a year of101 work, forest to move in their heart. Is quite high, now is the natural bear those guys.
” No matter who you are, to my family, have some rules, if look down on forest dynamic cousin taught martial arts, then I Lin Hong today want to102 consult a! ” In the crowd, a man came out, cold sing.
” Oh, have courage and insight, or just nothing, today,

Stretch a stretch

January 28th, 2015

Stretch a stretch
Lin move over the bed, shape exhibition move, the body from the way way deep at the sound of thunder, that is muscle rou and yuan force jiao 300between harmony out of the strange voice, and the sound of at the same time with, and very powerful forces of the puffs of feeling.

Lin move in the room at will play a set of body blows activities, for his forehead micro micro see khan, have stopped, and look to the door, there, the door was suddenly gently push away, then, holding 301the slowly walked into JiangXue birdbath, bright eyes staring at Lin move, qingli of qiao face, YouZi with a faint rosy.

“Get up?” JiangXue voice is gentle, will birdbath on the table, MAO wet towel, yu handle gently twist, and then have to pass. Still, that kind of shape, as a very clever of lithe general, see a move one leng302 leng Lin, he grow so big, can really don’t be so beautiful woman so close served…

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